some random things about me

Because I feel like it.

1. When I’m at the piano, I’m inclined to play the treble clef with my left hand, even though you’re generally supposed to use your right hand for treble clef and left hand for bass clef, and you’d think that would just become habit. I’m not certain why this happens, because I’m right-handed, but it seems most natural to me to play the treble clef with the left hand.

b. I have this weird sense of detachment from my first name. It’s nothing serious, but I keep looking for a word that describes my soul, and of course nothing does. Unfortunately humans don’t seem capable of capturing a soul in one word.

3. Water makes me feel more at home than land, even though I rarely am able to go swimming. I’ve stood at my window before and tried to feel the ocean 30 miles away. Sometimes I pretend I can.

d. My first best friends were characters in books. I used to cry when I thought about how the characters weren’t real.

5. Some numbers and letters have personalities. 3 has a cruel sense of humor. 9 is polite, noble, and dark. 6 is flighty but impassioned. “I” worries, and “U” is sad, empty.

f. I still get my right and left mixed up. If someone asks me to turn left, I actually have to think for a second. (Somehow, I still have a decent sense of direction. I usually know how to go back the way I came.) As strange as it sounds, I know how left and right feel, but when you give me words with which to associate them, it throws me off for a split second. To creep you out even further, when I say I know how left and right feel, I kind of actually mean that I know who left and right are.

7. In the winter and autumn I become sleepy really early and am wide awake really early. In the spring and summer I become sleepy really late and wake up really late. I sleep so little during these seasons that I’m awake most of the time. Don’t ask me why it works this way.

h. I’m really conversational (if I like you, which I probably will) and pretty outgoing, but I’m a quiet person to live with.

11 thoughts on “some random things about me

  1. Thank you for that article!I'm not entirely sure. You see, it happens very, very randomly and sometimes it doesn't happen at all. From what I read in that article, for synesthetes it seems to happen as frequently as every time and with every letter/number. But that's not the case with me.One thing I did relate to was how intrinsic it is. I don't try to make it happen. It just… exists, intuitively. Immediately, naturally, and sometimes so spontaneously that it surprises me.


  2. Well, I don't think I'm a synesthete either, but I have associations with certain concepts, and my associations with other concepts can change in different states of consciousness (by which I mean on different medications or in different emotional states). I've read that humans may start out wired as synesthetes in the first place, and there is enough of a spectrum of human neurodiversity it's probably possible to experience synesthetic qualities.*You may have already found this, it's on the same site, but this also relates:*This is in no way meant to imply a person can say, "I have a little bit of (x neurotype)" but there is a spectrum of neurotype.


  3. I did find it and read through it, and I was just thinking about how there is a likelihood that I might be somewhere in that spectrum. Thank you so much for sharing! This topic captivates me.


  4. You know, both your ‘5’ and ‘f’ reminded me strongly of conversations I’ve had with a friend of mine who’s a synaesthete and who experiences regular sensory overlap as well. There seems to be a definite spectrum of synaesthesia which most of us lie on- otherwise, how could abstract words feel onomatopoeiac? I find it such a fascinating brain-thing, especially when you get to the things that most of us do conflate that we don’t even realise through their sheer ubiquity.
    In short: brains are awesome! Also, this list is adorable. How do you manage with the piano, though? I imagine playing treble with your left hand would make things get a bit tangled?



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