recent douchebag roundup

1. Satoshi Kanazawa, evolutionary psychologist who “scientifically” concluded that black women are “objectively” less attractive than white, Asian, and Native American women.
2. Greg A. Fultz, who believes that a man and woman share a pregnancy 50/50. No. Not a child. A pregnancy. And therefore, men should have a say in abortion. Because, like, it’s his pregnancy too!
Jill Filipovic’s awesome response:

I think we could have a really beautiful life together, me and Greg, since I assume because the pregnancy is 50% his, he’s happy to do 50% of the work of pregnancy. That means he’ll take as much time off from work as I do, right? And he’ll gain between 30 and 80 pounds in a few months? And if I start to have, say, preeclampsia, we’ll be sure to also raise his blood pressure to dangerously high levels until he almost dies. That if I give birth via c-section, he’ll allow doctors to cut open his gut and scoop out what’s in there. And that if I give birth vaginally, we’ll figure out some way for him to push a bowling ball out of his ass. Equal rights, and equal burdens!

Greg, I’m single! Call me!

3. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who had an affair–which I seriously would not care about, if it hadn’t been for that fact that she happened to work for him and that he also sexually harassed several different women, years before vetoing two gay marriage bills to “protect the sanctity of marriage.”
And then there’s the matter of my tuition.

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