making bridal gowns modest

It’s wedding season! And no, I have nothing exceptionally insightful about weddings or marriage to contribute to the world. Instead I will fuss in the shallowest way possible about how difficult it is to find gorgeous wedding dresses that are also modest.
Since Kate Middleton was married, there were expressions of hopefulness from American Muslim women that Middleton would inspire an increase in the design and availability of modest wedding gowns. Her dress was lovely! they exclaimed.
But I’m vain and impossible. To be entirely honest, I thought the sleeves of her dress were beautiful, but I wasn’t particularly impressed with the rest of it. And while I can see wedding dresses that are both beautiful and modest in my mind, when I search for them in reality it’s always a bit of a letdown. Maybe I just don’t know where or how to look, or maybe my standards are skewed because I keep comparing them to dresses that don’t make the cut.
Take this dress of example. (It was removed from the David’s Bridal website and so the picture quality is… well you can see.) The corset is lovely and the pick-up skirt looks soft for once instead of ridculously poofy, and I don’t think it would be difficult to morph it into modesty.

And yet, I can’t find one that looks like that. Yeah, I know, there isn’t going to be another wedding dress that looks exactly like that except with more coverage. But… is it too much to ask? I’d have to add sleeves to it myself, I guess, and make adjustments so that they look like they belong together. I don’t really mind, but it’d be nice if I didn’t have to.

Yay lace sleeves!

Those are the wrong color. But regardless! I’m a fan of lace sleeves, even though my mother probably still will not approve. (They are transparent!)

And then there’s this one:

It’s absolutely stunning. It reminds me of seashells, and I love the way it layers lightly in gentle ripples onto the floor. They do NOT make modest dresses like that, in designs that stunning. And I don’t think the material would fit well with lace sleeves either. I’d have to throw a coat over it.

Assuming the fur is fake. I don’t need to be wearing any baby seals.
…And cover how gorgeous it is. Well, at least the coat is pretty too.
I suppose a veil can be worn to cover only what’s exposed instead of the dress itself, but there’s no guarantee that it would stay in place. And unlike lace sleeves, I’m not too thrilled about thick veils. I was going to go with one of these things:

But I kind of also wanted a floral tiara (I love floral jewelry… and really weird interesting jewelry) so not sure how that would work.
I’ve considered not even wearing white, but…

I can’t even fix that. *Tosses it toward bridesmaids.* It’s too breath-taking to not incorporate.

Okay, one more.

Look, shiny.

10 thoughts on “making bridal gowns modest

  1. *squints at Luke suspiciously* Is this a troll comment?I don't really mind if my bridesmaids look prettier than me lolThey're beautiful women and I love them.



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