The Compassion Principle


A principle inherent in religion;

an interpretational device applied to religious texts and religious practice that emphasizes the religion’s essential expression of compassion as it should be emphasized, in assuring that the religion remains true to itself in reinforcing universal aspects of humanity;

an interpretational device that can be called upon to overthrow inhumane, violent, or otherwise corrupt and or oppressive religious interpretation or action that seek to turn religion into political weaponry and infringe on the rights of any creature, by the principle that said religion is intrinsically and inseparably compassionate and therefore such interpretation is a violation, and by nature incorrect;

the principle through which a compassionate interpretation in good faith wins by default;

possibly entirely an invention of Islamic feminist Nahida, the guidelines of which all future scholars will be forced to adhere, or endure the wrath of her fiery disapproval.

17 thoughts on “The Compassion Principle

  1. ahahahahahaha YES.I want a principle named after me! Maybe it can be an awesome principle like "if you like someone, fucking ask them out." That's a good principle. Or "try to leave the world, just like you'd leave a campsite, a better place than where you found it."


  2. LOL Flint, weren't you the one who was going on and on about how you love eating "delicious delicious mermaid"?Nahida is a mermaid and a Muslim, so I guess it is possible. =P


  3. It's true, I just can't give it up and go vegetarian.This still leaves a lot of questions unanswered. If you took one of Nahida's skin cells, instead of one of her scales, and looked at it under a microscope, would it be Muslim? Does a half-Muslim mermaid have an obligation to go halfway to Mecca, or at least as far as the nearest coastline? Is charity halved, or limited to fishy things? If a mermaid had toenails, would she be allowed to paint them when she wasn't on her period, if she had a period?


  4. You know if we ever destroy ourselves one day alien archaeologists are going to come to believe Muslims were a mermaid-eating people and that Nahida advocated the compassion principle to stop the needless slaughter of her people.Thanks internet!


  5. *is amused*Nahida, I noticed in one of your posts you mentioned this principle in passing. I'd wondered what it was, and I'm glad you have decided to record it. It makes perfect sense, and reminds me of a comment I read of yours somewhere, where you said that you wouldn't want someone to go to hell just because xe were gay, and given that God is more merciful and compassionate than any human being, what follows is that God wouldn't send anyone to hell just for being gay. I find it so useful, refreshing, and relieving that you incorporate logic into your interpretations.


  6. I hate to break it to you, but I think you are a bit late to the party… you should add your name though! :)"We therefore call upon all men and women ~ to restore compassion to the centre of morality and religion ~ to return to the ancient principle that any interpretation of scripture that breeds violence, hatred or disdain is illegitimate…"


  7. Oh, wow!Heh, I figured I was missing something. It's such a universal thing that it was bound to already exist. Thank you so much for the link! I'll be reading through the site. =)


  8. I’m so glad that you republished this article. Compassion stands at the heart of all faiths, I believe, and I’m still taken aback sometimes by just how far some “religious” people will twist religion to justify their hatred towards women, GLBT folk, POC, … anybody who isn’t exactly like them.

    “religious” in quotes because I feel that people who’ve made hatred their core value have gone far, far away from being religious into the realm of idolatry.

    Also, I don’t eat mermaids, never ever ever!


  9. Politicalguineapig

    Compassion is a principle of religion? Not in the Bible, it ain’t. I haven’t read the Koran, but compassion’s in short supply in almost any religious environment, so maybe you made it up?


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