On my period

as of two days ago. I must say that recording it here every month is spectacularly helpful in letting me know when to expect it. (Although the telltale cramps the evening before are also unpleasantly helpful.) New to this? Here’s an explanation.

My nails are red this month. (*makes obscene period joke*) Unfortunately they are a blue-red (pinkish), whereas orange-red is more suitable for my skintone. Orange-red nailpolish is absurdly impossible to find, so I had to settle. But if it must be a blue-red, at least it’s a pretty one.

In the bottle:

At the edges the pink undertones can be seen. (Or as much as a cell phone shot will show them.) While it gives the color itself a lovely transparency, it clashes with the yellow in my skin.


I didn’t have any painkillers this month (Motrin was taken off the shelves! Whhhyyyy!) so I ended up taking cold medicine to mask the pain. It may predictably make me sick. (As expected, I found some Advil shortly after.)

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16 thoughts on “On my period

  1. Coolred38

    Sorry for your pain…but your rockin the color regardless. Now…I noticed Motrin was no longer on the shelves…but thought it was due to being a big seller. That was my saving grace when I had a toothache…this does not bode well.


  2. Narjis

    Nice color, but I loved the last month’s one even more….but hey, that’s part of the fun, right? Nahida, I’m praying now (as of this Ramadan!) and I finally have a reason to feel better on my period – I get to wear nail polish! Yay! I’m a non-hijab wearing muslimah too, our kind is rare where I live so it gets a little isolating. When I read your blog I feel like less of an anomaly, it’s refreshing! Oh and I’m weirdly proud that my commenting issue was the last straw that made you switch to WordPress!


    1. SQUEEEEE! I’m so excited you’ve started your prayers! And I’m telepathically sending you all my hugs and fuzziness where you are so you don’t feel isolated. <3 And LOL! It was such a sweet message, and I'm very glad to be at WordPress now–everything looks a lot less cramped!


  3. Amna

    Your nails look great. Sigh, whenever I try putting on nail polish more ends up on my skin than the actual nail. The hand-eye coordination eludes me :(


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