The End of November

holiday ornament
I know the holidays are approaching, and I want to wish those who are celebrating a wonderful season. I personally will be enjoying the weeks off reading while buried in a sea of blankets and imagining that it is snowing outside. And listening to how beautiful “Silent Night” is while replacing the blasphemous lines with ones about how Jesus is a Prophet. (“Jesus, Lord, at thy birth.”)

But only in my head. Christians would not appreciate me changing their carols in public, probably.

21 thoughts on “The End of November

  1. Happy Christmas, Merry Hanukkah, (tee hee), blessed Yuletide (which was originally a pagan festival that was appropriated by Christians), happy Saturnalia (another festival appropriated by Christians), happy Kwanzaa to everyone.

    Christians would not appreciate me changing their carols in public, probably. I would!

    Seriously, I’ve been doing the Christian thing for well over a year, and I still cannot wrap my head around the Trinity. God I get; the Holy Spirit I get (from my Jewish background where the female essence of God is spoken of as the Shechina), but more and more I’m looking at Jesus as a prophet. A mighty prophet, yes, but a prophet. And I think he married and had kids. And had siblings. And was not white (I mean, he was born in Palestine!)

    I guess I’m guilty of Arianism and will soon be called a heretic…


      1. Thank you, Nahida!

        Another thing is, I think, that seeing Jesus as human allows us to stop fetishizing (in the religious sense of making into an idol) Mary and view her as both a human being making an autonomous profession of faith and a prophet in her own right.

        I’ve always been very leery of [Anglo-] Catholic Marianism (Mary worship) because it transforms her into a lifeless vessel upon which many Christians project their own patriarchal agenda; hence it’s idolatry.


        1. I think it does the same as courtly love: there’s a false impression that the central figure is a woman, when really she’s up on a pedestal where she’s out of the way, and the only true power she has is based on how rigidly unattainable she is–as long as she doesn’t “interfere” with patriarchy using her own voice. The illusion created is that women are respected, but she’s not viewed as a “real” person and Prophet to be valued but literally the object of love with her worth reduced to her symbolism as the “carrier” rather than extracted from the deep influence and importance she had in her community like other (male) Prophets.


  2. Anne

    Glad to see I’m not the only one who “Islamicizes” Christmas carols! “O Come, O Come Emmanuel” is a hauntingly beautiful song, and I remember when I was 16 I changed the lyrics so that I could sing them without guilt. :)


    1. I don’t take politically motivated utterances of “Merry Christmas” that deface the integrity of heart-swollen blessings! Curse me sincerely before you falsely wish me well for the evil invention of politics.

      But Merry Christmas to you Steve.


    2. Flint

      Be careful Steve! The anti-Christmas atheist militia might drag you out of your house in the middle of the night and put a bullet through your head for that!



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