nail polish as I bleeeed (and gifts)

I am in SO. MUCH. PAIN. Luckily, there are painkillers.

My period commenced yesterday, a day early. So today I randomly grabbed a bottle of nail polish to apply. It’s a sort of coral, an orange with an undercurrent of tender pink I would imagine on a fish. Out of season, obviously, but I never care anyway. I’m not sure I like the color itself, but my skin seems to like it, which is always a relief. I’ve just discovered that I can wear colors on my nails that I can’t wear on my face, strangely. The emerald greens, gunmetal teals, and sultry grays that I love when I wear eye shadows seem harsh as nail polish on my hands, which for some reason prefer softer colors. Other than a clean French manicure my favorite thing to wear on my nails has (surprisingly) been OPI’s Set the Mood. Which is a golden… pink. Who would have thought?

Anyway, here’s the chorally orange fish color I’m wearing on my nails this week, along with a floral ring gifted from a friend, toward which the focus of the camera gravitates.

The ring is from a three-piece set that she selectively put together, along with a bracelet and earrings. I’ve been told that I’m a difficult person to gift, which both amuses and baffles me, because I’m pretty much happy with books and music. Or anything, really. But despite her worries, I think they’re each lovely and she is thoughtful and amazing and all her fretting was unnecessary and I love her. I didn’t even know it was possible for me to adore a massive ring, but apparently it is! She knows me better.


5 thoughts on “nail polish as I bleeeed (and gifts)

    1. Thank you! You know, I can pull off white gold and really soft sand gold, but harder rich yellow gold I can’t pull off. (Same with the harsher metal silver as opposed to the softer white-silver.) Which is fine, because I find it too blunt anyway. xD


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