Will write soon

…although in all honesty, I’m not certain what I mean by “soon.” As far as this blog is concerned, it used to mean a couple of days, but it might mean five or six now. I’m not exceptionally busy per se, but have been conquered by some strange reflective daze, as though I’m on the brink of something. I suspect this is artificial and temporary, brought out by the spring weather; there’s a soft envelopment to these warmer temperatures that muffles your very being. To rupture through this ambiance I find myself stormed with an indescribable longing. One I can’t explain, a need to reach an ultimate and intimidate reality.

But I’d rather write to you a little more intermittently than usual (I think I write comparatively often anyway) than not write at all, so I’ll still update but entries may not be so involved, or may be brief or unspecified for any designated category on this site. Then again it seems whenever I announce irregularity with this type of post, I fall into posting again. Might be different—it’s frustrating that I can’t predict myself.

Soon. Lots of love,
Your author

4 thoughts on “Will write soon

  1. Sometimes I feel like I have to write but the words won’t come. I have a couple of fanfiction stories online which people were kind enough to read… but then they get excited and ask when the next update is coming, which puts pressure on me…

    In my humble opinion, you should give yourself a break from writing online when you need it. And slow down if you have to. Take your time. Get away and spend some time in the real world. Be lost in your imagination. Recharge your batteries, dream and waste time and doodle and turn things over in your head and stare into nothingness. Look at passing clouds and streetlights shining under the full moon.

    So when you come back and write again, the words will flow so easily you’ll be surprised they ever left. I find I enjoy writing a lot more, and write to the best of my ability when I’m not forcing the words or writing because people expect me to.

    I know that whenever you’re ready to write again (for yourself), you’ll produce those gems we’ve come to know and love…


  2. el

    Today I discovered great music of Bill Douglas and thought you would love it too.

    “I love poetry almost as much as music,” confesses Douglas, “and it is particularly satisfying for me to present these musical settings of some of my favorite poems. For me, these poems express the utmost tenderness, purity, joy and poignancy.”
    (From: http://www.billdouglas.cc/recordings.html )

    For example, Emily Dickinson’s “Morning” and “I never saw a moor”
    — Bill Douglas: “A Place Called Morning”

    I also loved the recording of Percy Bysshe Shelley’s “The Cloud”
    — Bill Douglas: “The Clouds”



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