the fatal feminist

The title of this site is a play on the femme fatale. And a reclamation.

The femme fatale is nearly always a deadly feminist. Naturally in stories constructed by patriarchal societies she is ultimately destroyed by her own sexuality. Because how dare she seize control of her own sexuality and weaponize it against men… only men can weaponize women’s sexuality that isn’t even theirs to weaponize!

But not this time.

The femme fatale, the real woman and not the one created by patriarchy, is neither devious nor self-objectifying without necessity of survival. She is affectionate in the realm of truth, knowledgeable of herself and wholesome in her approach, she loves women, and feels deeply, laughs often.

And that is why she is fatal.

3 thoughts on “the fatal feminist

  1. ozymandias

    Awwwww. :) That’s wonderful, Nahida. Reclamation of patriarchal tropes is one of my favorite things: after all, once it’s reclaimed, it no longer has power, you know?


  2. almostclever

    I love the fantasy of the femme fatale… We’ve all known these beautiful women in our lives, or at least I hope we have all had that experience. I think all of us feminists have a bit of her in us, and thank God for that.

    I like the idea of the devious seductress who doesn’t do it for survival, but simply because she can. The femme fatale is nothing more than the player, the hustler. Men just don’t know how to explain a woman so clearly in no need of their protection. Therefore, she is intimidating and evil, because she has no needs for men, and the needs she does have – she knows how to get without giving away herself in the process.

    She is the one who can get men without being got. Quite an amazing skill considering what being “got” entails historically, and presently, for a heterosexual woman. All hail the female seductress, may the raw sexuality we possess live on – and continue to mesmerize.


    1. I like the idea of the devious seductress who doesn’t do it for survival, but simply because she can.

      Me too. In the post what I meant was that she wouldn’t destroy someone’s life simply because she can, which is how she’s always depicted in patriarchal societies, exactly because men don’t understand. But for mischievous seduction alone, she need no reason.



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