Protecting our RELIGIOUS RIGHT to an Abortion

from the “religious” Right.

As you all must have heard by now, Michigan state representative Lisa Brown was censored and barred from speaking during a debate on an abortion bill because she had the audacity to utter the word “vagina”—at which point all the Republican men in the room gasped and clutched their pearls in horror, despite the fact that they’re legislatively raping yours with unnecessary highly intrusive transvaginal probes.

“What she said was offensive,” said Rep. Mike Callton, R-Nashville. “It was so offensive, I don’t even want to say it in front of women. I would not say that in mixed company.”

Oh spare me, you cunt. (What the hell is “mixed company”? Is this the 1800s?) I’m not a delicate fucking flower. I thought women were supposed to be the ones who talk too much? God, men canNOT shut up about things that don’t concern them.

Brown was not the only woman silenced, and it was obviously not her utterance of the female genitalia that sentenced her to an infringement on her first amendment rights. As the Detroit News reports, “Byrum, D-Onondaga, caused a disturbance on the House floor Wednesday when she wasn’t allowed to introduce an amendment to the abortion regulations bill banning men from getting a vasectomy unless the sterilization procedure was necessary to save a man’s life.” Conservative men are deliberately silencing any woman who opposes them, for the same reasons they are against women’s suffrage—preserving their blasphemous privilege. They don’t want you to debate the issue; these pricks, who are in favor of small government, want to tell you what to do with your body, and what they want to do with it is to penetrate as deeply as possible regardless of how loudly and clearly you scream for them to stop. But don’t you dare try to suggest the same policing and intrusion of autonomy for them and demand proof of life-threatening conditions for a vasectomy! They will push their hands over your mouth.

While Lisa Brown’s words, “I have not asked you to adopt and adhere to my religious beliefs. Why are you asking me to adopt yours? And finally, Mr. Speaker, I’m flattered that you’re all interested in my vagina, but ‘no’ means ‘no.’” are currently what is receiving the most attention, I’d like to direct it back to her primary point:

“Judaism believes that therapeutic abortions, namely abortions performed to preserve the life of the mother, are not only permissible, but mandatory. The stage of pregnancy does not matter. Wherever there is a question of the life of the mother or that of the unborn child, Jewish law rules in favor of preserving the life of the mother. The status of the fetus as human life does not equal that of the mother.”

Indeed, Judaism—as well as Islam—has legalized abortion in cases in which the mother’s life is in danger, and in cases of rape. In Islam abortions are also allowed in the first 120 days of the pregnancy, before a soul is Given to the fetus. Additionally, much like the attitudes of the Aztec toward women who died in childsbirth as warriors who have died in battle (and those who survived honored as victorious warriors), Medieval Judaism viewed the fetus, had it been implanted by a rapist, as a pursuer that seeks to destroy the woman’s life as an enemy against her on a battlefield.

But despite the fact that in early periods of its existence even the Roman Catholic Church allowed abortion in specific cases, even something as obviously permissible as birth control has come into question. Because birth control, you see, interferes with God’s plan for woman, which in Christianity evidently was to suffer in delivery forever because Eve took the apple. Any innovation to impinge on this pain or to ameliorate it—such as birth control—is blasphemy. Adam’s punishment, however, which was to toil physically and tend the Earth, has had no such issue obstructing it from alleviation off the shoulders of man through advancements in labor.

But advancements in birth? Hell no.

Aside from this hypocrisy, how much longer are the same people who most often cry about forcing religious organizations to cover something that is against their beliefs–the “religious” Right–going to infringe on your religious freedom?


not your fucking incubator


From the Detroit News (via Feministe commenters), “Speaker Pro Tem John Walsh, R-Livonia, gaveled Brown out of order for saying “no means no” — because it suggested Brown was comparing the abortion legislation to rape, House GOP spokesman Ari Adler said. “It has nothing to do with the word vagina,” Adler said.”

And, as I typed there: This always pisses me off–when S.E. Cupp was photoshopped into that HORRIFIC PICTURE by Hustler, conservatives had no problem calling it DIGITAL RAPE.

But I suppose this isn’t LEGISLATIVE RAPE?

Legislation referenced will force women to actually undergo unnecessary penetration with a medical device.

The hypocritical inconsistencies are stunning.

They also had no problem saying that Herman Cain was enduring a “high tech lynching.” I would hope no white person on the Left would say something so disastrously appropriative, but if they did, can you imagine how outraged conservatives would be? “EVERYTHING is racist nowadays, just like EVERYTHING is rape.”

13 thoughts on “Protecting our RELIGIOUS RIGHT to an Abortion

  1. Narjis

    Yes, Nahida! Thank you again for exposing hypocrisy, whether coming from Republican Christians or uptight Muslim men. All of it is damaging to us women and much of it is downright shirk.
    A billboard in my city reads “Birth Control for YOUR lifestyle? Don’t make ME pay for it!”
    LOL. I’m a sober, employed, monogamous married woman but suddenly I have a “lifestyle”. If they only knew who I pray to….MWAH HA HA!!!


    1. Seriously! Not to mention they’re not the ones paying for us–I want MY collected money to go to MY healthcare.

      LOL lifestyle… I don’t even have sex until marriage.


  2. LOL! Love the last line!! Great post as always! I was stunned to see the whole vagina issue. Seriously, what’s so offensive about it, and why do they keep seeing us as delicate little flowers?!

    As for abortion, it’s ridiculous that some 70% of the people against abortion are men, none of whom will ever experience pregnancy! And if someone’s against abortion, just freaking don’t have one yourself.

    I know it’s more complicated than this, but still, it should all come down to the woman’s choice. If you’re the father and you want the baby, you should have thought about that before you decided to impregnate the woman. Perhaps it actually is simple like this, who knows.


  3. Susan

    I’m watching the US with trepidation… My country, Australia, doesn’t have the right to abortion enshrined in law. Essentially, it is decriminalised, more to protect doctors from prosecution.
    I’m fearing for the younger women… The US this year jumped from 31st to 25th in world of neo- natal and maternal deaths (Save the Children) and now a push is on to limit birth control and abortion. And access to reproductive health. And need I mention how our young men are being ‘educated’ in regards to sexual behaviour. Honestly,this scares me.


  4. Selina

    Women are not allowed to mention their vagina? So it’s alright for men to say penis but women can’t mention their own genitals? Ridiculous. VAGINAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! VAGINA VAGINA VAGINA (I’m not being biased but I prefer the word vagina to penis. Just saying)


    1. And notice he says he wouldn’t say it in front of women. In other words, men are allowed to say these things all they want in front of men, but God forbid someone who actually has a vagina (or is a member of the sex that most frequently endures rape, since that’s what the claim is of to what he was referring) have the gall to utter vagina or compare legislative rape to rape in front of other people who have vaginas or are targeted by rapists.

      Women can BE raped, you see, we’re just too delicate to TALK about it…


      1. Steve

        “So it’s alright for men to say penis…”

        Who says that is okay to say in polite company. I have never thought that was an okay word to use (except of course when we are discussing it for medical purposes.


  5. … gaveled Brown out of order for saying “no means no” — because it suggested Brown was comparing the abortion legislation to rape…

    … The fuck? While I’m not a fan of comparing abortion legislation to rape (largely because I think it encourages people to play “which is worse?” for the sake of rhetoric), I have immense trouble believing that Walsh actually did that out of respect for assault survivors. Also, “no means no” is a perfectly reasonable reaction to want to have to people legislating the insides of one’s uterus.


  6. Steve

    How about those who sincerely believe that abortion is indeed the taking of a human life? How do you know if we aren’t talking about an actual human soul in there? If it is truly “above ones” pay grade to answer such a question, shouldn’t we err on the side of treating something that is not human as human instead of treating something that is human like just so much tissue?


    1. Women who feel they are killing a baby instead of ending a pregnancy can carry their rapists’ children to full term or risk their own lives during pregnancy; the rest of us will get an abortion. Men who fear destroying babies (not that their opinions matter) but not the lives of women can see to it that they don’t partner with the wrong incubator.


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  8. bigstick1

    Reblogged this on Critical Thinking – A World View and commented:
    This article is from a young muslim woman who has an interesting way of understanding her religion. I have come to enjoy her insight, her viewpoint, her spirit, and her debating skills. I enjoyed this article quite a bit and I think it provides some excellent points.



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