Elections November 2012

I’m not quite back yet, but I felt like recording (and subsequently sharing) my position on the California propositions. I love confidentiality, but when it comes to what I think is right, I’m a firm believer in owning it. You read my writing all the time. And considering I write about moral and often political issues–well here’s some transparency where it matters.

Presidential Candidate 2012: Jill Stein

YES on 30
YES on 31
NO on 32*
NO on 33
NO on 34**
YES on 35
NO on 36
YES on 37
NO on 38
YES on 39
YES on 40

*Under the guise of eliminating the money in the middle, this proposition only silences “special interest” contributions with little impact on influential corporate interests. Had the proposition eliminated only automatic paycheck deductions, my vote would have been YES.

**While in most circumstances I am against the death penalty, I believe it should be perserved for only the most heinous crimes.

If you live in California feel free to discuss the measures in the comments; if you don’t, you’re free to discuss the general issues or the presidential elections.

You do not have to share your vote or compromise your privacy.
You should not vote according to what I support.

Read the propositions thoroughly and vote. Or Susan B. Anthony will turn in her grave and such. And so will all the Muslim women before us to whom Islam restored the vote since the day of its Revelation.

4 thoughts on “Elections November 2012

    1. I prefer 30 to 38. (Each are written as to eliminate the other.) I much much prefer 30.

      38 doesn’t get to the root of the budget deficit and in fact would devastate small businesses, most of whom will be affected even if they earn only $30,000 on their businesses. 38 keeps politicians from receiving any of the funds–but meanwhile it unsustainably and restrictively increases taxes for the next 12 years for income levels above $7,316. (That’s right–you read 7, not even 70.)

      30 creates four high income tax brackets starting at above $250,000 and lasts 7 years. That’s the top 3%.



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