The “Reference” Section

I have added one! (I officially have too many tabs. I hope it isn’t overwhelming.)

Occasionally I am asked what my sources are, and most of the time I remember, and sometimes I don’t. This is because the way I write posts isn’t really calculated–I tend to not know what I’m about to write until I begin. I just do lots and lots of reading and it sort of all just spills out, like gutting a fish. (I think. I have never gut a fish.) By the time I’ve finished reading various books everything feels like something I’ve always known or just common knowledge. But! Now you can see what I’ve been reading! It’s incomplete but I will be adding the rest. Currently it is listed in alphabetical order, but I’m debating between this arrangement and “in order of what I like the best.” No matter what you do or don’t read on that list, pick up Asma Barlas’s Believing Women in Islam because when I read it it was EVERYTHING I HAVE EVER THOUGHT, SERIOUSLY and were this section “in order of what I like best” she would be first on the list, every time. Every Islamic feminist should have that book. Every feminist should have that book! (I will impose on the mainstream! Why not?) And every Muslim should have it. Every Muslim man. Shove it at him as a gift and force him to read it. In fact MAKE IT A PREREQUISITE FOR MARRIAGE.

I’m serious. Put that in your contract too.

P.S. If there is a post and you want to know the source of that specific post, you can still askify me in the comments.

3 thoughts on “The “Reference” Section

  1. Ibtisam

    And I look forward to the day when books authored by you are added to the list. I’m especially looking forward to an English translation Qur’an by you ;).



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