[CLOSED] Lingerie Giveaway!

red lace panties

This is open to all locations, all religions, and all sexes.

I’d actually wanted to do this giveaway sometime last year, but I kept putting it off because I wasn’t sure how to go about it, considering lingerie is hardly a one-size-fits-all sort of thing! And then I figured I should hurry up with this giveaway, before I am too refined and sophisticated for such things.

So here’s what I’m going to do:

(1) You are going to enter the contest by leaving a comment below (one entry per person) with the email address through which you would like to be contacted if you win (or you can contact me after I announce you, whichever) and

(2) if you do win, you’re going to tell me what sizes you need. Okay? YAY!

You’ll receive a package in the mail with the following:

a brassiere

Everything will match / work together. You can of course enter for yourself or as a gift to someone else. (I won’t ask, I’ll just need the sizes and your mailing address.) If the brassiere isn’t available in the size you’ve requested, I’ll replace it with one that (I hope) is equally pretty and then match everything else accordingly.

Lacey bras like this are hardly ever in my size! I totally feel your pain.

When you leave your comment, you can leave sizes with it if you want, or if you’d rather that not be public, I’ll ask for them in an email if you win! The winner will be chosen with random.org.

The last day to enter is March 4. I will be announcing the winner that week.

37 thoughts on “[CLOSED] Lingerie Giveaway!

    1. LOL!!

      (btw everyone, my own comments don’t count [obviously] and if you leave more than one only the first will count as an entry, so no worries about needing to say something)


  1. repek

    This is one of the most perplexing posts I ever read on your blog, because I can´t work out how it either goes with or contrasts any of your topics. ;-)
    That said, I love how you didn´t adress this to women only and would almost (but not quite, because I´m selfish enough for that. :D) regret it if coincidence chose me. A woman. How boring! ;-)


    1. Ahahaha! Lingerie can never contrast any of my topics! I would be miserable. =P

      Although, I suppose if this were about how lingerie is sexy and sexy things are feminist it would be problematic, but this is just lingerie for the sake of lingerie. (And sexiness irrespective of feminist associations.)

      There would be other ways to destroy it/make it less fun, like if we were joking about how if a man wins he totally has to send us a picture of himself wearing it or something. In reality of course that would be horrendous since it renders men wearing lingerie as abnormal and adopts a patriarchal (and political!) stance on this giveaway.

      That’s one of the things I find most interesting about when people are accused of “making things political.” The inclusion of men in lingerie is in fact entirely apolitical; what would actually be a political and cultural statement is if they were excluded from entering. Those who toss around the “you’re always making things political” accusation don’t see themselves as political because they privilege their own position (the status quo / the default) as apolitical.

      Just goes to show ya! The man wearing the lingerie isn’t the political one; its the people who are making a spectacle of it.

      I enjoy lingerie for this. It’s a private kind of sexiness, just something to make you quietly happy when you wear it under your clothes (or over them, or however.)

      That’s enough for my observation for no reason LOL! Carry on everyone.

      (P.S. repek your guinea pigs are super cute!)


  2. Tiffany

    Wow, you know how to come back with a bang. :) Enter me, please! Loved reading the comments above, it’s the gaze not the object that can be problematic/political. Silk and lace are too lovely to be excluded from one’s life if one enjoys them.


  3. Siast

    Nahida, you jerk. Now my friends think I’m a perv :))

    …And uh, please count me in? XD glad to see you stil blogging; you’re my first intro to islamic feminism. Please keep inspiring people :-]


  4. Coolred38

    My love keeps telling me I need to wear something like this…can’t be bothered to go buy one so maybe this will get me started on the road to va va voom.


  5. Aimee

    I would love to win something amazingly sexy to wear when I get to see my “hero” in the military. He is tall, dark, and handsome and to have something to make me feel incredible and look sexy for him would be awesome. I would so love to wear something that makes his jaw hit the floor and remind him that it’s great to be a man.


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