America’s message

You have no right to stand your ground. Allow yourself to be followed and profiled silently. Do not defend yourself. A fist to the nose is aggression, not defense, even if you are followed. Everything about you is wrong. You will be legally shot for retaliation. Unlike you, the man who shoots you will have the right to defend himself. Among the many rights denied to you–the presidency, reproductive choice, privacy–is the right to ever stand your ground. This right is the privilege of white men.

If a white man happens to shoot you, Everyone Who Matters in this Country will pretend he is Hispanic. Only white people will behave as though “Hispanic” is a race, not a culture that encompasses a variety of races. If the white man who happens to shoot you does not, and never did, identify with or engage in Hispanic culture, he will still be called Hispanic by white people who are trying too hard and don’t know the difference.

If your son is shot and the aggressor walks free, do not attempt to bring this to the attention of the media or ask why the aggressor was not investigated. You will be accused of exploiting your dead son for money, something your race is known for. (See also: welfare.) Do not cry, or you will be accused of exploiting your dead son for money. Do not claim your dead son does not deserve to be dead, or you will be accused of exploiting your dead son for money. Again, remain silent. Your son deserves this because he has no right to self defense. Everything about him is wrong.

If you are a witness, your ability to read cursive will be questioned, regardless of whether it is relevant. Do not rely on the fact that you can speak three languages to prove your intelligence over that of your cross-examiner. As long as you are not white, you are effectively stupid. And you should have learned cursive, you stupid fucker. Even if you can speak three languages. Even if you’re smart enough to know the difference between a culture and a race.

6 thoughts on “America’s message

  1. Lo

    Nahida, you should really write more often. I miss coming here for stuff.

    Devil’s advocate question. Can Trayvon, say he’s alive, claim self defense if Zimmerman was following him?


    1. Lo,

      I don’t remember you. I don’t know who you are. Consequently I am not going to be kind. Forgive me if I’m brash, but I also don’t believe in Devil’s advocate. That’s a bullshit coverup. If you have a question you can say so. I don’t bite unless you’re racist or obnoxious in it.

      Zimmerman made physical contact with Trayvon first. If it was as much as a hand on the shoulder, the man deserved to have his head smashed into the pavement.

      And I have every reason to believe that’s what happened. If Trayvon were alive, this is what he would have claimed. Zimmerman’s testimony that Trayvon punched him first means NOTHING to me. The man will say anything. The fact is that we know who had priors, we know who was following first, and we know who was more likely to make physical contact based on this pattern. For God’s sake the man threw a woman at the wall in a bar. I’m supposed to believe he just fucking walked away and the kid approached him? We’ve no evidence of this but a LIAR’S inconistent testimony.

      Secondly, it doesn’t matter. Trayvon reached for the gun according to Zimmerman himself. This means Trayvon knew it was there. Would you shove someone to the ground if they were advancing toward you with a gun? THAT’s self defense. Trayvon saw the gun before he attacked Zimmerman. He’d have been too busy punching him on the ground to come across it just feeling around.

      Zimmerman made the first physical contact, but even that shouldn’t matter in the presence of a gun, which must be interpreted as inherently an imminent threat.

      I wouldn’t put it past Zimmerman to have even had taken it out and flashed it around.

      Also, thug clothes? The kid was in a sweatshirt and cropped pants. Cropped. Pants.

      He made snarly faces at the camera like any 17-year-old. Zimmerman has ASSAULTED people before. And he assaulted Trayvon.

      What we heard on the phone is that Trayvon refused to run right before the attack. I’m proud of him.



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