It’s the 2nd day of Ramadan and my fast has already been interrupted for the next 7 days.

Since it’s been a while since I’ve written here, I’ll remind everyone asking What is the meaning of this!, that according to mainstream interpretation women should avoid applying nail polish because it acts as a barrier (we’re suddenly against barriers now) between the water during wudu–ritual purification before prayer–and the surface of the nail. However, since–also according to mainstream interpretation–women are exempt from prayer during their menstrual cycles, many take the opportunity to wear nail polish during this time.

But since menstruation is viewed as something filthy, or at the very least something to be secretive about, in more conservative environments it is discouraged for a woman to wear nail polish even whilst menstruating, because–well, then everyone knows. And heaven forbid, right? Why would you ever announce to the entire world that you’re doing that horrible womanly thing?

Well, I would.

Most months–granted I hadn’t been writing here for about a year (?) and might have missed quite a few–I post photographs of how awesome my nail polish is. Because I am shameless like that. A shameless menstruating woman.

This time not even nail polish can cheer me up. (Maybe just a little?) I don’t typically mind my cycle (if anything I love it), but I had my heart set on fasting for a while before it made its monthly appearance. Although, I should have expected this, because I was running late this month. I know this time–I usually never know–because Zeina got married at the end of May, and luckily I was prepared with feminine products in Beirut. (*blows raspberry*)

This looks way prettier in real life. The red is more a berry red.
This looks way prettier in real life. The red is more a berry red.

Want some dates?

As expected, other than nail polish during menstruation, your author had already found other ways to be girly even while fasting. It is after all, the season of dry lips with the whole not hydrating oneself with water throughout the day.

Enter lip-moisturizing products.
Enter lip-moisturizing products.

Don’t men have these problems why am I the only one stuck with them there are lip moisturizes for men right except they’re probably in “manlier packaging.” *rolls eyes*

You know typical chapsticks never do it for me? Like, I’ve even tried those egg conversation-starter things. My lips are dry again 2 seconds later. But these two work! Admittedly, while both are great the tube on the left is more hydrating than the one on the right. But of course your glamorous author loves how this looks like a lipstick.

my kind of "chapstick"
my kind of “chapstick”

In terms of whether the interpretation that one shouldn’t wear nail polish during ritual purification still complies with my beliefs… well, I don’t wear it. But I don’t know if I’m convinced that it really invalidates anything. I’ve changed a little since we last crossed paths on these topics. (Sometimes I even pray sans hijab.)

I never miss a prayer (though I sometimes have to make them up late) and once in a while praying bring me close to tears. It’s hard to imagine that anything like nail polish garners all the power to invalidate prayer like that. Allah knows best. (And I mean it.)

Either way, all’s well. Insha’Allah.

Your author shoots a quick selfie at work through the hazy summer.
Your author shoots a quick selfie at work through the hazy summer.

The rest of you, I hope are able to go on with your lovely fasts. And remember, no bananas.

7 thoughts on “It’s the 2nd day of Ramadan and my fast has already been interrupted for the next 7 days.

  1. Wow I am very impressed with your post. I have a Muslim friend who has been teaching me about Islam. So far I’ve only met men. I’ve always wanted to meet a woman and hear her point of view. This post is exactly some of what I wanted to know. I have learned a lot just from these few words. Thank you so much for posting.


  2. Narjis

    I’m chemically regulated and figured out that I would be unable to fast from the first of Ramadan to the 6th or 7th, then again the last week, including Laylat al Qadr (probably, if it’s the 27th) and Eid. It would be too much to miss out on the best days of Ramadan so I skipped the placebo week and I’m trying to time my days for the least important time, the beginning/middle of the month. It’s a little manipulative but I guess so is birth control in general, and if one is halal then so is the other, right? And I’ve never heard that bc is not ok for Muslims, have you? Most of the time people are just utterly shocked that the hubby and I do not have the slightest desire for children but cede that it was never technically commanded to us in Qur’an, it’s just a weird and inexplicable choice, lol


    1. Birth control is definitely halaal! I should be on the pill, actually. I could use some regulation. I’ll do it starting next month. And then I can feel the power of control and manipulation. *flexes fingers*


  3. I’ve read somewhere that actually, nail polish isn’t that much of a barrier, because your nails still breathe no matter what they’re covered with. So I’m assuming that means water still gets into contact with your nails, polish or no polish.


  4. Actually, Nahida, for once, we are on complete opposite ends of the spectrum.
    You interrupt your fast when on your period, I don’t believe that’s required, and resume fasting unless I’m very tired (I believe that we’re exempt from fasting if we so choose because of the pain and fatigue a lot of women experience). On the flipside, I do believe that praying with the hijab is mandatory because of observing what the women at the time of the Prophet used to do..

    Super interesting to see how and where we aren’t aligned completely :)



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