Yeah, I’m not back yet, but here’s a video of me so you can’t be mad.

Who knew that when I said “see you soon” I meant literally? Not me.

I did this quickly before I had to leave for work today, and may possibly take it down. So there you go. And yes, that is my youtube channel, but there is literally nothing on it.

14 thoughts on “Yeah, I’m not back yet, but here’s a video of me so you can’t be mad.

  1. Sumayah B

    !!!!!!!! This was so awesome! Thank you for keeping us posted! I was so lucky that I came across this in time when I randomly thought about this blog. It was a very reassuring vid! Also your voice is so soothing, reminds me of Lana del Ray. You would totally be good for ASMR (it’s a form of spoken, relaxing art :). But anyways, I loved the video and you’re really beautifull Mashallah! So glad I caught this, and I can only hope there is more to come!


    1. Sumayah B, thank you so much. And I’m very aware that I still owe you an email! Oh God, it’s been months, I’m so sorry. =( I do sing–though quite a few octaves higher than I speak–so I’m very flattered that you think I sound like Lana del Rey! I can only dream of hitting her low notes. ;) Her range is spectacular!


      1. Sumayah B

        Oh no, don’t even worry about it! I got off my lazy butt and read through your blog and basically my million-dollar questions were answered by a multitude of your posts! :D And yes, listening to her songs is a journey because of it!


        1. You read that many posts before I responded? Yiiikes, that’s just demonstrative of how terrible I am. I’ll make it up to you somehow. One of these days I’ll write you a 10-page essay in response and it’ll be worth it. =P


  2. rosalindawijks

    Salam Nahida, I just discovered this amazing black feminist blog! It’s VERY interesting and has many long essays – For me as a black, Islamic feminist it was like being left alone with tons of chocolate, Surinamese food, music or pretty, colourfull clothes. :-)

    Take a look here:



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