Where to Find Me (And What Writing to Submit)

Dear readers,

I have some new posts coming, but am obliged to take care of some things… about you. Since I’ve announced that I am collecting pieces for an annual publication (guidelines for submission here) to which I am excited to read your contributions, I’m connecting all of you to the publisher accounts so that you can sort of keep tabs on the type of working we’re seeking. Our publishing house, Kajol Crescent, will be issuing the digital and print volumes of the fatal feminist.

To follow us on Instagram, and on Twitter, you can follow both at the handle @KajolCrescent.

Currently, the Instagram showcases more material than the Twitter, but soon the latter will be used for announcements. In order to pay our writers and artists, we’re going to start fundraising for the magazine very soon, but in the meantime, you’re welcome to view some of the work through our publishing house accounts. And of course, I will continue to bring you Qur’anic interpretations here.

I’m attaching a gallery from our insta. Not all of the material is new, but it will be soon. Thank you, as always, for accompanying me in these exegetical endeavors. And don’t forget to submit!

With love,

4 thoughts on “Where to Find Me (And What Writing to Submit)

  1. Mirage

    You wrote “Sura’s are magic spells.” above. Did you forget that the prophet had been called a sorcerer by his persecutors to discredit him? Maybe remove that quote, it’s just terrible.


    1. No. The Prophet is just one man in a legacy of women accused of witchcraft to discredit them. If you don’t understand the power of reclamation, there is nothing I can say to explain it to you.


  2. Mirage

    How is that a reclamation, and why would a muslim woman wish to reclaim that insult in the first place?
    Accusing the prophet of witchcraft meant accusing him of deluding people into following him, instead of offering them the truth. If you mean to praise the quran, you could have chosen something better than the words of those who meant to nip islam in the bud. It comes across as ignorant.



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