Cruelty of “Acceptance”

When I was young (14-16), I’d witnessed straight male classmates make jokes to their bi and gay friends about how they better not hit on them. Since then, I’d seen other straight women do this too. The cruelty with which this “acceptance” was laced was so obvious to me. How is not immediate to someone how traumatizing and messed up this is to say to a person who’s already on edge about how they’re constantly sexualized and depicted as predatory or undesired. You all make me want to cry with how empathetically challenged you are. And that’s only secondhand. You don’t deserve those friends.

One thought on “Cruelty of “Acceptance”

  1. Dee

    Isnt it the same cruelness where self-identified allies keep their distance when invited to a party or gathering hosted by a LGBTQ friend? It is indeed rather sad.



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