I have not had a chance to post lengthily or respond to emails yet so I am providing quick responses to your inquiries about me

How are your earrings?

Good! I still haven’t yet repierced the lost upper double helix on the left ear, but my right ear has a helix, tragus, and daith piercing. They aren’t healing without complications because my hair notoriously wants to entangle and fully swallow any object in orbit, but they’re still healing pretty well.

How’s the vaginismus?

I’ve made a lot of progress.

How’s the book? (Are you on your first or second?)

You might have heard me make references to two books because I tend to work on multiple projects simultaneously, so yes, there are… three. The books are not exegetical. The first is still in editing (but it is complete). The second is coming along, and I’m very excited about it! The third is a page. That’s fiction. I also have a non-fiction memoir/travel book that should never see the light of day, probably. You should not ask about this except with grave concern.

There’s a possibility some of my short stories may surface at some point in the near future.*

*When a writer says “near future,” what she actually means is several months.

Are you aware that your professional twitter has a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT tone than your TFF twitter?

Yes. If you follow me on twitter @ my first and last name, that account is very dreamy. It’s nothing like TFF’s kill-you-with-a-look twitter. This is greatly amusing to my friends.

How’s your career?

I’m not sure what people are referring to when they ask this question. The books? Law school? My current profession? My unrealized dream to start a girl band? It’s safe to say I’m paying my dues in each one.

How’s studying for law school?

I’m very smart. And very undisciplined.

Where’s the guest post with Misha you were supposed to produce in June?

It’s coming I promise.

Did you register for the AWP like you promised?

Yes! See you in Oregon!

One thought on “I have not had a chance to post lengthily or respond to emails yet so I am providing quick responses to your inquiries about me

  1. Shybiker

    Interesting. Lots going on in your life. Good for you. I found law school to be too consuming to do anything else. I admire people who have multiple interests and pursuits.



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