“Why aren’t you writing?”

This is a legitimate question, and I’m very moved that there are readers who ask it after all these months. The truth is, I am very much writing, just not here. That’s not due to a lack of interest or subjects to cover.

I haven’t been interacting with men. At all. I don’t have any male friends currently. I even stopped dating. Aside from interacting with men at the office (and most of my team is women), for the past few months, I’ve cut men out of my life completely. I didn’t do it on purpose. It sort of just happened. And it’s been… AMAZING.

I feel so incredibly free—and I’d thought I already was. Most of the time, I live having forgotten men even exist, until one of them calls out to me on the sidewalk from a car window or interrupts a riveting conversation with a good friend to ask for my number, and for a few annoying moments I endure the rude realization that they still roam the earth. But they’re so insignificant in my universe.

I’ll be back. Probably even before the healthiest diet of my life ends. (Let’s hope it never does.) I’m aware that it’s a very superficial situation. Women are being jailed for miscarriage. I have the privilege of never thinking about a man. Most women don’t.

One thought on ““Why aren’t you writing?”

  1. Good for you. Writing privately is usually more important than writing online. And your observation about not being in contact with men resonates with me. Other than men I have to interact with for professional reasons, all of my friends are women and I like it that way. Life is richer and less troublesome with female friends.



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