Roe v. Wade was overturned. The economy is next.

I have no children.

That means I have disposable income. I go through $2,000 a month, not including necessities like charitable contributions, rent, groceries, or fuel. (In fact, I’m a little embarrassed to say that. I’m certain that there’s a level of extravagance God may characterize as sinful, but I have never feigned virtue before you, and I won’t start now.)

Other women spend on their children, their friends, their families, their communities, themselves. Women contribute to 83% of the economy in influence and buying power.

For the remainder of this year, I will not purchase anything but absolute necessities until our right to choose is nationally reinstated and right to bodily autonomy recognized.

I’ve made some nonrefundable plans unfortunately, but fortunately, not many of them and not extravagant ones. I’m driving down to see a friend in another city this month and a different friend later in the year. I always plan to keep promises.

And that’s why I’m keeping this one. RIP economy. Not from me alone, because in the grand scheme of things $10,000 this year isn’t much, but all of us, together, can destroy a system that refuses to recognize our personhood.

If you are able, join me.

One thought on “Roe v. Wade was overturned. The economy is next.

  1. I admire your desire for justice, and wish to suggest some more, shall we say, nuanced approaches. Reprioritize those funds. Funnel a portion of them toward organizations fighting to regain bodily autonomy for women (your choice, of course). Put by another portion for an emergency fund to assist others (individuals) in any form you wish. Redirect your remainder to spending on products and services from alternate merchants: women-led companies with progressive missions, for example, and whatever others match your beliefs and philosophies. These approaches will keep your money out of the mainstream economy and still do good things.

    Your may have already reached these ideas. If so, I hope you have great success in implementing some or all of them. It’s great to see you on the interwebz again. <3

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