The Purpose of Sin

I’ve been asking myself why we sin. Not the technicality, like free will or the ability to choose. I mean what purpose does sin serve? What’s the point?

On some level, the fact that the All-Forgiving forgives makes sin seem… redundant. Why allow it only to forgive it? And when is it punished, rather than forgiven?

The power of empathy is so divine. Empathy, from its source, is practically indistinguishable from love. But while empathy is divine, we’re only human. We can only forgive each other to the extent that our humanness allows us to forgive. We don’t forgive the way the Divine forgives.

And I think that when we sin, it equips us with a mercy for each other we can’t otherwise reach. The byproduct of sin is humility, but its true purpose, I think, is an exquisite irony: to make us just a little more divine. A superficial faculty. A little bit of shadowy help when we can’t quite get there with empathy contained in human form.


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