It is Tuesday. Here is a plant.

Plant(s). My youngest little brother has taken to growing plants in questionable containers by his windowsill, a feat I had never accomplished though I daydreamed of and romanticized it often. They are two baby tomato plants.

I would tell you their names, but I have not been home frequently enough to familiarize myself with their acquaintance. Before I knew it they were quite grown.

I imagine soon they will make their homes in the earth (the kind attached to other earth, and not confined in a container) as I already feel cranks in my bones thinking of how they must wish to stretch their roots. They will be situated next to the rose bush, a curtain of lemons sweeping beside them.

In my bathroom I rediscovered a fake sad flower that I’d known for years.

Loneliness personified. (Flowerified?)

Starting (hopefully before) this weekend will be Islam-y feminist-y business as usual.

2 thoughts on “It is Tuesday. Here is a plant.

  1. jess

    This is totally unrelated to the post, but I LOVE the fact that the advertisement under this post is that offensive Kia commercial where the guy is sleeping and the sandman comes so he dreams about nearly naked women waving racing flags while new kia cars drive in circles…so, very wrong.



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