SO. This is awkward…

Dear Everyone Who Requested Access to the Site While it was Private,

I wasn’t checking the email account associated with this website–so I didn’t know you’d requested access! I apologize. I was not ignoring you. I didn’t think anyone would send a request! So I figured there was nothing to check. I’ll make note to continue to check my inbox while the site is private in the future.

In other news I am glad to be back!

xXx Nahida

6 thoughts on “SO. This is awkward…

  1. You made your site private? I just posted a link to a blog post of yours. Should I not be doing this? Hope you haven’t been receiving horrid comments that made you want to go private?

    Love to you.


  2. Salaam Nahida,
    Is everything okay? I was going to add you to my blog roll? Let me know if you think that’s inappropriate. I’ve heard stories from other bloggers who have been stalked by mentally unbalanced people.


    1. Salaam, everything is fine; nothing happened I was just having a busy period. It wouldn’t be inappropriate. Besides, I would be much more concerned about the ones who are sane.



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